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Transformative Power of Meditation: Exploring Its Profound Benefits

Meditation, once considered an esoteric practice reserved for spiritual seekers, has emerged as a mainstream tool for enhancing well-being and promoting holistic health. In this article, we delve into the compelling statistics and research findings that illuminate the diverse benefits of meditation, affirming its status as a potent practice for cultivating inner peace, resilience, and …

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All about Parkinson in 2024

Discovering the Signs Tincy Jose, a junior sister at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, noticed an unusual sound while walking during a night shift. Concerned, she investigated the source, suspecting something under her shoe. However, after realizing it wasn’t the case, she eventually consulted her GP as her symptoms persisted. Her journey with Parkinson’s began. Facing the …

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Why Covid is still affecting people differently

Catching Covid: A Varied Experience Understanding the current experience of catching Covid raises questions, especially when individuals, like a friend in their third bout, report a more severe impact. Contrary to the expectation that each illness encounter should be milder, many have faced significant challenges recently. Diverse Symptoms of Covid Even before vaccines, Covid exhibited …