Have you been diagnosed with ADHD? Are you showing signs of ADHD and worried if it is possible to treat it? With the danger of lack of concentration, poor performance, and sup-procrastination at work, it is prudent to get the right ADHD treatment as fast as possible.

There are a number of ADHD treatments that can be used, but this depends on the type and severity. Let’s dig in to learn more about ADHD and the best methods of treatment. Do not give up on ADHD because treatment is only a step away!

What is ADHD?

This is a mental condition that results in unusually high levels of hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. It is more prevalent in children but can also affect adults. When one has ADHD, focusing on one task becomes a big challenge. This means that it disrupts a person’s executive functioning, making it hard for them to handle complex tasks and situations.

Notably, ADHD falls into three main categories.

    • Predominantly inattentive: Those with this category of ADHD find it very challenging to focus, complete tasks, or stick to instructions.
    • Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive: This category of ADHD is associated with hyperactive-impulsive behavior, such as not being able to wait for your turn. Fidgeting and interrupting others are also common characteristics of this type of ADHD.
  • Combined hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive: If you are diagnosed with this ADHD, it implies that you manifest symptoms of the two categories of ADHD that we have highlighted. This is the commonest ADHD in Hong Kong. 

The Best ADHD Treatment for You

There are different types of ADHD treatment that can be used by your specialist in Hong Kong. Often, they combine several to achieve better results. Let’s check the best methods.

Do not let ADHD curtail the success you can achieve in life or that of your kid. Talk to our experts for the best ADHD treatment in Hong Kong.

  • Medication 

There are two main categories of medication that your doctor can recommend for ADHD. The most common is the central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. These medications work by raising brain chemicals, especially norepinephrine and dopamine. The effect is calming, which helps to lower the level of hyperactivity and improve attention.

Another drug used for ADHD is the non-stimulant category. Again, these drugs work by raising norepinephrine, helping to improve memory and attention. The best examples of these are antidepressants.

Note that medications are mainly used as short-term remedies for treating ADHD. The better option is combining medication with behavioral therapies.

  • Psychotherapy 

This method is used to help people open up concerning their feelings on coping with ADHD. For example, has ADHD been causing you problems with peers and authorities? Psychotherapy guided by expert doctors can help.

Another important component of psychotherapy is that you are assisted in exploring behavioral patterns to be able to make healthy choices. Learning how to control what you do can be the gateway to changing the symptoms of ADHD and personal success.

  • Behavioral Therapy 

This method of ADHD treatment closely resembles psychotherapy, but it is more specific. The experts will help you learn to monitor ADHD-related behaviors and ways of changing them. The expert will help you identify ADHD situations and assist you with methods of overcoming them.

For example, you might be advised to break down lengthy jobs into smaller bits or interchange them with other tasks to promote concentration.

A token reward system might also be set to promote positive behavior. This method works very well for kids but will also deliver impressive results in adults.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal-focused and short-term type of psychotherapy. It is aimed at helping to transform the negative patterns of thinking and replacing it with new considerations about ADHD and yourself. It comes in handy in helping people suffering from extended issues, such as procrastination and time management.

Expert ADHD Treatment in Hong Kong 

This post has provided a sneak view of the treatment that can be used for ADHD. With experts in ADHD treatment, no effort is spared to help you counter the threat. For example, the experts extend ADHD treatment to parenting skills training and group support, walking with you to achieve the targeted improvements.