So what is Corporate Philanthropy?

Let’s begin with the opinion of John Mackey. Corporate Philanthropy is good business and working for the extended benefits of the Investors.

As said by Adrian Cheng, corporate Philanthropy involves supporting the comprehensive well-being of people through financial assistance. This involves investment and actions that the company voluntarily undertakes.

Through Annual Donations and Charitable programs, Corporate houses enrich the working experience and mental satisfaction of their employees and workers.

In order to know more about Corporate Philanthropic Services you need to deeply study the Philanthropic Services offered by Big Companies.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss  Corporate Philanthropy and its role in making Business better.

Tips On Corporate Philanthropy To Boost Employee Engagement

If you wish to upgrade your productivity and bring in High Quality, then you need to focus deeply on employee engagement.

Employee Engagement is one of the most important requisites to Business growth and development.

Here are a group of amazing Corporate philanthropy ideas that will definitely act to enhance employee engagement.

1. Backing Your Employees With Corporate Matching Gifts Programs

Corporate Matching Gift Programs came into being in the year 1954. This was introduced for the first time by the American Engineering Company, General Electronics Foundations.

Under the scheme Employees at all levels were given matching gifts up to $5000.

According to experts, 84% of the contributors claimed that they are likely to offer if a match is offered. So a well-designed Corporate Matching Gift Program shows that Staff and employees care about values.

2. Offering Paid Time To Volunteers

If employees are offered to pay part-time off to the employees, they engage in Corporate Philanthropy. And this engagement in turn goes on to develop bonding and engagement among the employees.

However, every employee must ensure that their time-off program is well defined. Hr should create a concrete as well as a scalable framework for the designated time-off program.

3. Group Volunteer Activities

If you want to get their employees engaged, Volunteering is a wonderful way to engage employees. This helps boost cooperation and engagement among the employees.

  • For those who are animal lovers, plans are made to distribute food to straying animals.
  • For those who like engaging in household work, Companies engage in household activities.
  • If the employees are good at fundraising, they can engage themselves in fund-raising programs for community development.
  • You can also make your employees engage in blood donation camps in your organization, and incentivize them the same way to give it back.

4. Inviting The Employees To Participate In Planning 

Know that your employers have skills, competency, and leadership skills. Some of the employees are really good for ground-level leadership.

Therefore make sure that they are invited to the planning process. While you are planning for some corporate philanthropy events, you call them and ask for opinions. They will definitely provide valuable input to your planning.

5. Right Phelan Tech Platform: You Need To Go For It 

It is found from a study that 30% of employers are perceived as transparent by their employees.

In order to ensure that you are transparent with your attitude make sure that you are able to use Technology-driven solutions.

You need to know that a bulk percentage of donations go to the efforts of the Administration.

It directs 100% contribution money to charity. The pros of this activity are that you could avoid high administrative activities.

How Philanthropic Activities Increase Sales 

It is found from one study that 90% of the consumers are more likely to switch to products and brands that are bound by cause. A real important statistic.

It is found from a study that if you have a cause branding approach where you try to link yourmanufacturing products directly to the charity, this encourages sales.

For example, a stationary company offered to spend  1% of the cost of Copies on the education of the poor sections. This generated a soft corner, and consequently increased sales.

One more thing that must be incorporated into this discussion is Corporate Tax Benefits. The Companies that have a great track record of engaging in corporate philanthropy, are said to be benefitted from the Government. This continual work generates softcore.

The Government provides different types of direct and indirect benefits. These compliances are well received by the Government. This reflects directly on sales increase.

According to another Study by Deollite, if companies engage in Corporate Philanthropy, it attracts the best brains. Therefore the company has benefited from the Corporate Culture. This reflects on Economic performance and that’s for sure.


Corporate Philanthropy is now not the term of business books but it has definitely gone on to become a reality.

This activity is now not only restricted to the bigger companies but permeated to the middle-sized companies.

Actually, this is no longer considered philanthropy but an investment opportunity for the long term.