Remote Workplace in 2022 : Here are The Tools that You Need

Remote Workplace in 2022 : Here are The Tools that You Need


Remote Collaboration and Communication Tools 

The good thing about working remotely is that there are many tech tools that make communication easy. Once your team gets used to remote collaboration, the overall output can even surpass that of staff operating directly from office. Some good collaboration and communication tools include:

  • Slack: This is one of the common tools that can help you to connect tens to thousands members of your team.
  • Microsoft Teams: Initially, Microsoft had wanted to acquire Slack, but they opted to craft their own collaboration tool. Microsoft Teams is one of the most creative tools for collaboration out there. Whether you are a start-up or well established firm, this tool is easy to use, fast, and highly efficient.

Video Conferencing Tools 

When running a business organization, whether it is a start-up or advanced manufacturing unit as highlighted here, most decisions are made during boardroom meetings. Therefore, you should also ensure to have the right video conferencing tools that allow you to hold virtual meetings for decision making. Some good examples of video conferencing tools are:

  • Zoom: This is considered the first option for video conferencing because it is pretty easy to use, and you can hold big meetings, including those with hundreds of remote participants. You can also use Zoom free of charge if the call length is less than 40 minutes.
  • Google Hangout Meet: This is another innovative video conferencing option that is becoming very popular with many businesses. Most businesses prefer it because it is secure and affordable.

Other video conferencing tools you might want to consider including Jitsi meet, and Skype for Business. Note that Skype was initially designed for Microsoft products, but it is now possible to use even with other products. Know more about Play2Earn with Romain Chiaramonte.

Remote Workplace and Remote Desktop Software 

Remote access software allows your team members to access and control one computer from a different location. Although there are some computers that come with built-in remote desktop solutions, it is important to look for the program that works with all your team members.

Some good options include:

  • TeamViewer.
  • Remote PC.
  • Apple Remote Desktop.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop. 

Running a remote workplace can be challenging because team members are spread out, in time and space. But with the right tools, such as the ones we have highlighted above, your remote workplace can be enjoyable and highly productive.


Dan Edward