UNHATE News gives users a platform to create the kind of headlines that they want to see, transforming typical news stories of intolerance and injustice into a positive, hopeful message.

When people come together and speak up, real change can happen. UNHATE News is our invitation for you to speak your mind:if you are between the ages of 18 and 30, we invite you to choose a subject that matters to you and spin it into the news you wish you could see.

We are pleased to announce that the UNHATE Foundation has formed a cooperation with the United Nations Department of Public Information, and together we will choose ten of the stories submitted by the public and work to make this hopeful news a reality. The authors of the selected UNHATE News will have the opportunity to visit the projects paired to their stories directly in the field, seeing their aspirations realized!


1. Definition of the initiative

UNHATE Foundation is launching the UNHATE NEWS initiative as part of its efforts to create a world without hate and where human rights are recognized. UNHATE NEWS aims to be a powerful and thought provoking digital initiative: the objective is to invite people to create news "stories" they would like to see come true that provoke thought and actions. Using the "news" concept it is possible to compare different issues and reach broad and varied audiences.

The themes of the UNHATE NEWS are broad and influential topics that are aligned with the principles of the UNHATE Foundation such as, support for human rights and the fight against discrimination. Young people between 18 and 30 can submit stories on one of these themes; each individual, therefore, will be able to give his or her own take on the issue. However, it is not the person that wins a prize but rather the idea and aspiration.
The news will be uploaded on the UNHATE Foundation website where a youth UNHATE community will be created.
The 100 most liked stories by the community will then be evaluated by an UNHATE Foundation jury, that will select 10 stories subdivided as follows:

  • 5 stories selected on broad and influential human rights and development issues;
  • 5 stories on women's rights.

The 10 selected UNHATE NEWS will be paired with an equal number of social projects, to be identified through a partnership with the United Nations Department of Public Information and its UNAI programme. In this manner, the news will contribute, in a practical way, to bringing about the social change it aims to achieve.
The authors of the 10 selected stories will have the opportunity to visit these projects in the field.

2. How to participate

Aspiring participants must be aged between 18 and 30 and must register for the UNHATE community by completing the registration form or by registering directly through their own Facebook account.

Participation in the initiative implies a declaration of agreement with the principles and values promoted by the UNHATE Foundation and acceptance of the Web Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, in order to be published and to participate in the final selection, the UNHATE NEWS must be of general interest to the public and not detrimental to public order or morality.

3. UNHATE News selection criteria

Participants in the community will be able to express their preference on the UNHATE NEWS stories uploaded to the website using the Facebook platform's "like" button, from 25th November through 31st December 2014 (the Publication Period).
The UNHATE NEWS will be published on the site at the discretion of the Foundation, which will give priority to the stories that best express the inspirational values of the UNHATE Foundation's activities. At the end of the Publication Period, the UNHATE Foundation will assess the top 100 most "liked" UNHATE NEWS to be associated with an equal number of social projects, through the partnership with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

4. Information

For further information relating to all aspects of participation, would-be participants are invited to write to: info@unhatefoundation.org


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