Progressing GLBT rights in the Asian region no longer being invisible.

Author: Adam Colclasure
05:02 PM EST | February 24, 2014

Far to many people in Asia weather it's Japan to Vietnam or China to South Korea they all share the same thing in common ignoring GLBT rights, assuming GLBT people don't exist or is only a western thing. They all share the same level of ignorance and intolerance. I would like to see that change to give people living in the Asian region hope that there are others like them that reside in there country, that they are not the only one and there is hope for change. The Suicide rate of the GLBT community in the Asian region is climbing each year from the cost of inaction to do anything. While it's difficult to know how many of those incidents or bullying incidents were GLBT is difficult because so many are scared to come out which is another, thing that we need to work on people accepting all GLBT people for what they are being human. Ignoring the human rights violations in the Asia comes with a grave price an inaction to do anyway is mans greatest downfall.