Last minute market

Author: gabor szasz
01:02 PM EST | February 24, 2014

Everyday an immense quantity of food is thrown away by supermarkets because they are about to expire or their appearance is not appealing to customers. This food is still good, healthy and it could be potentially bought. Supermarkets, not only lose money because on the products they didn't sell, but they also have to pay for the waste disposal. The solution is the introduction of "last minute markets" in every single supermarket. Food sold in the LMMs should have a pricing of at least 50% off the original one. This would allow the supermarkets to have a revenue out of products which they cannot regularly sell, and allow people who buy food everyday for an instant use to save money. Originally LMMs were meant to give food to associations which feed people with a social distress but the idea could evolve and easily serve both causes. This is a win-win operation which is not well known and spread across the country yet, but that coould help supermarkets, families and the environment.