Author: Hamid Khan
09:12 PM EST | December 11, 2014

Cybercrimes has plagued the internet only a little after its inception, however in the past two decades an upsurge in high level cybercrimes has been witnessed, which included credit card theft amounting to millions of dollars around the world, intruding sensitive databases to obtain classified information and hacking official websites. United Nations took notice of the most recent occurring where the official websites of two ministries of Pakistan were hacked, and claimed by Indian Hackers. UN has immediately moved in to fund programs to contain cybercrimes; seven software incubators have been established at the IT hubs all over the developed countries to develop anti hacking soft wares. United Nations believe that the young talent if provided will adequate facilities can do wonders, which is basic thought behind establishing incubators to tackle cybercrimes. This initiative has not only provided the much need platform to young software developers but will also target cybercriminals